Meet Caleb!


Caleb P Pic1

Caleb is a three-year-old boy who is described by his mom as one of the happiest kids in the world.  However, Caleb also bears very difficult challenges.  Caleb has Cockayne Syndrome Type II, which causes growth and developmental abnormalities. He has limited mobility and cannot sit upright without assistance.  He can maneuver a wheelchair but only with great effort.  Additionally, it is very important for Caleb to exercise his muscles as much as possible in order to retain their ability for longer.

These hardships create a childhood filled with frustrations for Caleb and his family. However, his disease has not disabled his heart.  He is full of laughter and loves to have fun. Caleb’s favorite song is “If You’re Happy and You Know it,” and he claps his hands like he’s attending a lively concert.  Sometimes Caleb prefers the serenity of story-time. His family reads children’s fairytales while he eagerly turns the pages. Family is important to Caleb. He always looks forward to outings or going to church with everyone. Most of all, Caleb enjoys sitting outside and watching his cool brothers play football.  Although Caleb is unable to join in on the tackle fun, Caleb has an ever-lasting smile that truly brings happiness and joy to his loved ones.

Caleb desperately needs a gait trainer. He is unable to push his current gait trainer and thus he is not able to utilize his muscles.  This equipment is important to increase the muscle strength in his legs and will give Caleb greater independence. Please help Caleb today!