Meet Camila!


Camila R D Pic

Camila is an outgoing eight-year-old who has Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus. Among many obstacles, Camila cannot sit upright without assistance, and this can be very frustrating for a girl who is full of life. However, these daily challenges do not discourage her from experiencing a happy childhood.

Camila forever adores Disney and many of its great shows, like “Clubhouse Disney” and “Dora the Explorer.A perfect and relaxing day for Camila might be watching these shows and eating her favorite treat, freshly baked cookies. She’s a real Cookie Monster! Camila enjoys being active, too. She always is thrilled when using her gait trainer or soaring on the swing with her family. Her passion, however, is music. This rockin’ girl listens to Marc Anthony and Bruno Mars.  But, Camila does more than listen; she brings down the house by playing on the drums or strumming on a guitar.  Camila will surely play on your heart-strings.

Camila needs a new car seat with adaptive components to help her posture and provide trunk support. Her old seating system is too small.  Please help Camila so she can travel in safety and comfort!