Meet Cassandra!



Meet 11-year-old Cassandra. She was diagnosed in 2017 with a persistent brain tumor. She had numerous surgeries to remove the tumor, but it continually returns. Cassandra, as a result of the growth and fatigue from Chemotherapy, has a difficult time walking. She has poor balance and is self-conscious about using a wheelchair. Cassandra prefers holding somebody’s hand while walking to maintain her balance. She remains upbeat and happy despite her unrelenting tumor.


Cassandra has fun in various ways. She watches tv shows on the Disney Channel. Her favorite movie is Disney’s Zombies 2. She also likes the film’s soundtrack. She even has a collection of Zombie movie dolls.  Cassandra does not have much interest in books, but she loves going out and reading signs and items in stores. She enjoys swimming and playing outside. The young girl attends school, too. Her favorite subject is art class, and coloring is the best part of her school day. Cassandra is determined to enjoy her childhood with these and other pastimes. The brain tumor may have slowed Cassandra down, but her resilient heart keeps pushing her through all obstacles.


Cassandra needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. This will help her to walk.  The trike will also be another outlet for her to have fun outside. Please be her sponsor!