Meet Catie!



Meet 17-year-old Catie. She was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. The condition was so severe that her rib cage was pushing against her heart and lungs, causing pain and breathing difficulties. She improved after a procedure inserted a rod to straighten her back. Regardless of Catie’s progress, she is unable to walk or stand without assistance. She even struggles using a gait trainer. Catie is very joyful despite her daily challenges.


Catie enjoys a few, fun activities. She swims like a fish. Catie would probably live in the pool if she could breathe underwater. She attends school and her favorite period is gym class when she can exercise on a bicycle. She also listens to music, especially country and jazz. Catie goes to sleep at night with jazz playing in the background. Catie also has a good friend who never leaves her side. He is a 10-pound dog named Simon. Catie loves stroking his soft fur and getting his slobbery kisses. These and other interests contribute to Catie’s positive outlook on life. However, she is inherently joyful. Catie wakes up with a smile and goes to bed with a contented sigh. She is described as a fighter. Clearly, this is true. 


Catie needs a bathing chair to make bathing easier and safer. Please be her sponsor!