Meet Chance!



Meet seven-year-old Chance. He was diagnosed with muscular hypotonia, although some doctor’s debate over his illness. His symptoms, however, are clearly difficult. He is cognitively impaired and nonverbal. Chance can only eat pureed food. He also needs help with everyday tasks. This little boy has a hard life, but happiness is still not his stranger.


Chance is a very calm child. He enjoys listening to any type of music. The song or genre does not matter. He simply smiles when music is playing. Chance cannot eat solid foods, but he enjoys anything soft and sweet, including yogurt and pudding. Chance’s favorite activity is running his fingers through the soft fur of his pet kitty. The sweet boy demands very little in his daily life. For Chance, just being with his family is the best part of living.


Chance needs a stroller for easier transportation. This will allow him to leave the house more often and participate in family outings. Please be his sponsor!