Meet Crystal!



Meet 16-year-old Crystal,  who was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis and scoliosis. She is not able to walk; a power wheelchair helps her to move around the house. Crystal also endured back surgery. She wears a brace since the procedure to protect her back during transfers. These obstacles do not frustrate a strong-willed young lady.


Crystal has interests like other teens her age. She likes contemporary Christian music, especially songs by Mercy Me. Crystal can even be adventurous.  Her favorite memory was an evening at Old San Juan. The beautiful night sky nearly made her breathless.  She also loves reading drama and romance books. Her favorite book is the bestselling Twilight Saga. Most importantly, Crystal hopes to be a writer. She is already the author of her life, and her story continues to be inspiring.


Crystal is requesting a manual wheelchair, preferably in her favorite color hot pink. Her current motorized wheelchair is too heavy for transportation. The new equipment will allow her to travel and be more independent. Please be a generous sponsor for the lovely young lady!