Meet Danny!



Meet 20-year-old Danny. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which caused numerous trials for the young boy. He is nonverbal and cognitively impaired. He suffers through frightening seizures and many other challenges. Danny depends on his family for everyday tasks. He cannot eat solid foods. Instead, he uses a tube for nourishment. He has even endured several surgeries, spending too much of his childhood in sterile hospitals. Danny remains happy despite his difficult times.


  Danny enjoys a variety of activities. He likes the hit show Friends. He spends time with his family watching a wide variety of movies. Danny is a soccer fan, too. His favorite teams are Chicago Fire and Orlando City. He also has fun observing people in the outdoors, and his favorite locale is the Animal Kingdom theme park. Danny loves all kinds of critters, especially a pet dog who never leaves his side. Danny is not able to speak, but a simple smile to his parents says, “Thank you for my life.”


Danny needs a bath chair to make bathing easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!