Meet Daymond!


Daymond Pic 2

Daymond is a 6 year-old boy who has hypoxic encephalopathy and cerebral palsy. As a result, his life everyday life has been severely affected.  Daymond cannot walk, talk, or crawl and must use g-tube to receive nourishment. In addition, he is visually impaired. He depends entirely on others for care, but together they fight his challenges!

Daymond’s auditory senses are very acute, resulting in his love for music. Play “Baby Beethoven” and his ears perk up and his smile infectiously widens. Daymond also likes when his family reads to him. He especially enjoys books that are tactile and interactive. During the sweltering summer time he loves staying cool in the pool with his loving family!

Daymond desperately needs a specialized adaptive feeding chair. Currently, Daymond does not have a safe and comfortable place to sit in his home. The adaptive chair will allow him to be relaxed and secure while joining his loving family. Please help Daymond today!