Meet Destinee!


Destinee J Pic

Destinee is a seven-year-old girl who has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.  Destinee is unable to walk or sit upright, and she needs support to hold her head up. Destinee struggles to accomplish many other simple tasks, such as talking and eating solid foods, which we may take for granted.  Her family members are faithful caregivers. They describe her as being bubbly and excited, and they really love to see their sweet girl play and laugh.

Destinee is always eager to see a good book, and her favorites have many colorful and vibrant pictures. She also listens to modern music and her favorite song is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Listen to the song and you can almost hear Destinee clapping along! She, however, communicates happiness best with her eyes. One glance in those dazzling eyes and you will feel her bubbly joy too.

Destinee needs a car carrier for her wheelchair. Before driving, her grandmother disassembles the wheelchair and lifts the heavy pieces into the car.  A carrier will allow her grandmother to transport the wheelchair easily and safely onto the car. Will you please help Destinee get the mobility equipment she needs?