Meet Dianeliz!


Danieliz P. Pic

Meet 16 year-old Dianeliz. This young lady had many diagnoses, including hydrocephalus and scoliosis.

She had a stroke at almost 3 years-old. She also broke her foot twice and has been in a cast for 4 months. Dianeliz has never been able to walk or crawl, and she depends on assistance to move. The worst tragedy was her mom’s passing, and now Dianeliz’s guardian is her grandmother. She is described, however, as a joyful warrior.

Dianeliz engages in many fun activities which show her resolve to be positive. She enjoys looking at an illustrated Bible and listening to grandma read the passages. She also likes exciting hip-hop and salsa music, however, her favorite songs are uplifting spirituals. She gets inspired when hearing “How Great Is My God” and “Shake the Devil Off.” Dianeliz, more importantly, is a source of inspiration for her grandma. The young girl sets an example by always smiling and being courageous when the days create the biggest hardships. She exemplifies the best way to live.

Dianeliz and her Grandma are loving the new wheelchair carrier!