Meet Dyani!


Dyani Pic Doorway

Dyani is a bright 14 year-old girl living with arthrogryposis, which is characterized by stiff joints and abnormally developed muscles.  She is incapable of walking or sitting upright without support.  Dyani is not distracted by her obstacles.  She is very focused and independent.

Dyani is a member of Elizabeth Gibbs Youth Palace, which is an organization that strives to improve the lives of young girls. Dyani’s other passion, however, is fashion. The vibrant colors, trendy styles and cool accessories stir the bold fashionista within her heart!  She also likes reading a variety of books, but Dyani really stands out among other girls her age because she enjoys the subject of math. If Dyani could be a mathematical formula, then she would equal more than the sum of her disability. Dyani is inspiration to the infinite power.

Dyani desperately needs a wider door and other bathroom modifications. Her power wheelchair cannot currently fit through the narrow bathroom door.  A few other changes would also help her to be a more independent girl, which is very important to the intelligent teenager! Please help Dyani receive the independence and accessibility she needs!