Meet Ella!

Meet 10-year-old Ella. She was diagnosed with holoprosencephaly, an illness where the brain does not fully develop. The condition has created several trials for Ella. She is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. Ella is unable to sit upright without support. She also cannot walk or stand. The limitations do not hinder her happy heart.

Ella has simple interests, but they are important for a fun childhood. She enjoys watching Disney movies, and her favorites include Moana and Brave—she is a fan of the music from the latter film. She has many pets, but her most beloved is an Australian sheep dog. Ella prefers to spend most days outside in the relaxing fresh air and sunshine. Ella has other interests, but her personality is the best trait of this brave girl. Ella’s dad describes her as a “pretty little warrior.” She was not expected to thrive. Ella surpassed all expectations and continues to inspire and flourish in the face of a devastating illness. She is like a beautiful flower that can bend and sway, but never break, in stormy weather. She survives it all and comes to the other side with a smile as if to say, “I’m ready for a new day!”

Ella needs an adaptive car seat to provide better support and comfort in the family car. She can also be safer while keeping doctor’s appointments. Please be her sponsor!