Meet Emilie!



Meet six-year-old Emilie. She was diagnosed with hypotonia. She also has an inflexible spinal cord. Emilie has limited endurance and severe muscle weakness. She can walk only in short distances. She also suffers from throbbing back pain. Emilie, however, keeps moving beyond all her obstacles.


Emilie is a bright girl who has many popular interests. She likes dancing to upbeat hip-hop music; her favorite songs, however, are from the films Frozen and Aladdin. Emilie loves all things Disney, especially the theme parks where she can experience the magic in person. Emilie loves dressing up as one of the beautiful princesses; she does not need to pretend though. Emilie is always beautiful! More importantly, this child is very intelligent. She works daily to train her golden retriever named Willow. She helps her mom prepare meals before dinner. Emilie also attends a homebound co-op school. In this program, her mom does most of the teaching, once a week Emilie learns with her classmates in the community. Her favorite topics include science and Bible study, but she really enjoys being with her friends. She also has an amazing personality. Emilie frequently surprises people with her intuitive nature and unfiltered way to speak the truth. Meet Emilie and discover inspiration in a wise child.


Emilie needs your help. Wheelchairs 4 Kids has an adaptive stroller that will make transportation easier for Emilie. Unfortunately, she lives over 200 miles away and getting the stroller to her is difficult during this climate of fear and uncertainty. Please help us and Emilie to make a difference in her life!