Meet Erick!



Meet 13-year-old Erick. He was diagnosed with several conditions, including a rare chromosomal disorder known as trisomy 9. He also has frequent seizures and global developmental delay. Erick is non-ambulatory and nonverbal. Furthermore, he is legally blind. This young boy with serious challenges is still joyful.

Erick is described as being full of life. This is shown by his communication. He claps his hands excitedly to answer yes. Erick rolls his eyes if his response is no. Music is another way to witness his happiness.  He listens to tunes with his family, and he dances in his wheelchair whenever he hears his favorite songs. Most of all, Erick loves to laugh. He can be silent one moment, and the next he will loosen a heartfelt guffaw that causes everyone around him to laugh. Erick has an infectious personality. He is a disabled boy who can brighten anyone’s bad day.

Erick is requesting a roll-in shower. The home modification will be safer and easier for Erick and his family. Please help him soon!