Meet Gloria!




Meet six-year-old Gloria. She was born in China and lived in an orphanage. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as Cri-du-chat. The condition causes extremely low muscle tone. She is completely dependent on others for everyday living skills. The brave girl also survived an open-heart surgery while she was only eight months old.  Gloria is an amazing child who fights every day to be happy. Thankfully, she is very loved by a special family.


Gloria was adopted in 2017. The family invests their heart and more to ensure the sweet girl has a happy life. They are musically talented and can play the drums, guitar, and ukulele. Gloria hears them play and gets excited and wiggles her arms with delight like a happy, flappy, baby. She shows the same enthusiasm for musical movies such as Coco. She gets feisty and has fun taking her toys and banging them to make the loudest possible noises. Gloria has a dog named Cooper. She always wants to kiss him on his sweet doggy face, but he usually ends up giving her a big, sloppy smooch right in the mouth. Gloria has a fish tank that she finds mesmerizing and relaxing to watch. The little girl, however, sometimes gets frustrated with her limitations. She wants to do things and cannot get them done. The best way to soothe Gloria is by taking her for a stroll in the sunshine. Most of all, she simply loves being cuddled. The family is more than eager to provide all the snuggles in the world for Gloria. She is strong, affectionate, and joyful. Meet Gloria and her family. They are clearly an inspiration. Gloria is clearly glorious!


Gloria needs a manual wheelchair for proper postural support, comfort, and easier mobility. Please be her sponsor!