Meet Haven!



Meet 15-year-old Haven. This young lady was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. She was managing with the illness until a traumatic brain surgery caused her to have cerebral palsy. She spent 139 days in the hospital. She recently became completely blind. She used to be nonverbal, until an Amazon Echo helped her to regain communication skills. She also has a hard time holding objects because of sporadic and severe tremors. Furthermore, Haven cannot walk or stand without assistance. She strives to regain normalcy despite the limitations.


Haven is best described as awesome and resilient. Haven adapts to her vision loss by listening to classical musicals. Her favorites include My Fair Lady, Annie Get Your Gun, and The King and I. She likes a Canadian series titled The Murdock Mysteries. Haven simply loves great stories whether in films, TV, or audio books. In fact, the imaginative girl writes her own stories and she dreams of being a published author. She even creates fascinating tales using her Echo. She works hard to achieve her goals. Haven recently won a science fair award; she is also determined to be on the honor roll. This blind girl sees that life is too precious to waste. Meet Haven. She is our happy place.


Haven needs a weighted spoon to help her eat during tremors. The simple tool will make a big difference.   Please be her sponsor!