Meet Heylanis!


Meet six-year-old Heylanis. She was diagnosed with a rare illness known as Marfan’s syndrome, which affects connective tissue. As a result, she has muscle weakness and hypermobility. Heylanis is unable to walk without assistive devices. She is a cheerful girl even with her limitation.


Heylanis has similar interests to other girls her age. She plays with Barbie dolls and Hatchimals. She is very artistic, too. Heylanis creates masterpieces with colors, paints and other crafts. Her real passion, however, is anything relating to Disney. Her favorite film is The Little Mermaid, and she adores Disney music from all the films. Her best day is visiting the Magic Kingdom and meeting the beautiful princesses. Beauty is also found in the sweet smile of a brave girl named Heylanis.


Heylanis needs an adaptive tricycle for exercise and fun. Please be a sponsor for her soon!



Heylanis oves her new therapy trike! Hours and hours of fun are sure to come as Heylanis rides her bike. Her muscles will be well exercised and grateful for the added workout. Therapy trikes are very important for social interaction as well as for added physical therapy.


Keep rolling Heylanis!