Meet Isidro!



Meet 20-year-old Isidro. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia and developmental delay. Isidro is very challenged because of his illnesses. He eats using a g-tube. He is nonverbal. He also cannot bear any weight on his legs and most of his time is spent in bed. Isidro has a dedicated mom who ensures that her son is very happy.


Isidro has a variety of simple, but fun interests. He watches television and movies. He smiles while sitting with his mom and seeing the Discovery Channel. He also likes the film, The Fast and the Furious. Isidro enjoys a basketball movie, too. Mom suspects that he just has a crush on the cute cheerleaders! Isidro is even a man on the town. His favorite activity is going window shopping with mom. He loves getting a snazzy new wardrobe! Mom never wants to do anything that cannot involve Isidro. She adores her son. Spending time talking to Isidro is even meaningful. He is unable to respond, but he concentrates on her every word. Mom looks into his eyes and sees an angel. However, halos and harps are replaced by courage and kindness. In this way, there are two angels. Mother and son.


Isidro needs a wheelchair lift for the family vehicle. The lift will be easier for him to travel and be active. Please help him soon!



Wow! Life just got a whole lot easier for Isidro and his family! Now they are able to roll him into the van safely. Before, mom and Dad were using some homemade plastic and wood ramps. Isidro had almost fallen twice!