Meet Ismael!



Meet six-year-old Ismael. He was diagnosed with Lesch Nyhan Syndrome, which is related to cerebral palsy. Lesch Nyhan Syndrome, however, involves self-injury. Ismael is not able to walk. He also does not have control of his arms and legs. Furthermore, Ismael is nonverbal, although he can say a few words. This little boy is happy despite the difficult illness.   


Ismael has similar interests to other kids his age. He reads Paw Patrol books. His favorite movie is Disney’s Cars. He also likes going to Disney theme parks, but his favorite is called Morgan’s Wonderland. This park, located in San Antonio, was designed for handicapped children. He is also social and loves going to school to spend a fun day with his classmates. These and other things make Ismael flash a smile with adorable dimples. People see him and they must smile, too. He truly lives the phrase, “to be loved, be lovable.”


Ismael needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall leg strength and stamina. Please be his sponsor!