Meet Jania!



Meet resilient 16-year-old Jania!  Diagnosed with Spastic Quadraplegia Cerebral Palsy, she is unable to walk and uses a power wheelchair for mobility.  Jania has also had hip replacement surgery, but despite her challenges, she remains positive.  Having lost her mother not so long ago, she is adjusting to living with her grandmother.

Jania has many interests.  She enjoys watching dance shows and cheerleading.  She is also a creative teenager who enjoys writing her own short stories and dramas.  While she clearly loves to write, her hope is to be a fashioner designer someday where she will make clothes for kids with disabilities.

Jania’s family is asking for help with a bathroom modification.  They need the bathroom door frame widened so they can get Jania in and out of the bathroom safely.   Presently, her grandmother and other family members have to carry her into the bathroom since her stroller doesn’t fit through.  It has been a struggle for the family because her legs hit the door frame on the way in causing her discomfort.  Please help Jania by being a sponsor for this project!