Meet Jean!


Meet 8-year-old Jean. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 2. Jean relies heavily on her mom, Kimberly, for mobility and assistance with activities of daily living.  Jean dreams of a day when she will be able to play her favorite sports, soccer and basketball.

Jean is a reading whiz! She recently won an award in her school for being a top reader, and she recently made honor roll! Jean’s favorite book is The Teacher from the Black Lagoon.  Jean’s favorite color is pink, and she is quite emphatic about the reason – She says that pink is just prettier, and mother nature made a mistake by not putting the color pink in the rainbow.  Jean guarantees pink will be in every rainbow she paints or draws.

Jean needs a therapy tricycle that will allow her to become more independent, but will also allow her to increase strength and coordination in her lower extremities.  The therapy tricycle would not only help her physically, but would also allow for more socialization and independence.  The value of the therapy tricycle she needs is $2300.00. We have been granted a wonderful discount and could purchase Jean’s therapy tricycle for only $1621.00 – but we can’t do it without the generosity of folks like you.  Please be her sponsor!