Meet Joeshlyann!



Meet three-year-old Joeshlyann. She was not meeting typical milestones for children her age. She spent a year being tested before any results were produced. Joeshlyann was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as TBCK Syndrome—only 35 people worldwide have this illness. Joeshlyann has numerous trials resulting from the syndrome. She is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. She has poor muscle control in her torso. Joeshlyann also cannot bear any weight on her legs and this makes walking impossible. She is a happy child despite her daily struggles.

Joeshlyann has simple interests, but these are enough to make her smile. She wiggles her feet, laughs, and claps when watching her favorite tv show, Cocomelon. She enjoys interacting with toys and moving around on the floor. Her favorite thing, however, is playing with mom. The feeling is mutual. They are more than just a mother and daughter team. They are the best of friends. Joeshlyann is a source of inspiration for her family. She works hard exercising during physical therapy. She is always happy at any time of day. Sleeping, eating, or playing, Joeshlyann is never without a smile. Joeshlyann keeps away the darkness of disease by being our everlasting sunshine.

Joeshlyann needs an adaptive bicycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. She will also have fun riding the bike. Please be her sponsor!