Meet Joey!



Meet seven-year-old Joey, who was born prematurely. He experienced frightening seizures a few weeks after his birth. Doctors eventually diagnosed brave  Joey with cerebral palsy.  He can walk but loses his balance frequently. He cannot run or jump like other kids his age. He is a happy boy despite these limitations.


Joey enjoys many activities. He is a fan of the animated tv series, “Bluey.” His favorite movie is Toy Story. Joey even has a Mr. Potato Head toy from the hit film that he loves. He could play with the head spud all day if possible! Joey loves dancing to a variety of music. He attends school and is always eager for music class. Joey is also currently learning how to read. He works at it one page at a time and cannot wait to read a whole book. He is determined to accomplish this and other goals. Joey is a child who continuously moves ahead despite the obstacles in his way. He defeats his disability with each step forward.


Joey needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina, and balance. The enhancements will hopefully make walking easier and safer. He can also have a great time riding the trike. Please be his sponsor!