Meet John!

20150413_180845Meet 8 year-old John. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. Unfortunately, the young boy requires assistance for everyday tasks, including supporting his head and operating a wheelchair

John has similar interests to other kids his age. He enjoys a tasty meal at McDonalds. Drive to the golden arches and his smile widens in anticipation of chicken McNuggets! John is also a fan of the Miami Heat basketball team. He sleeps well at night after watching his team emerge victorious. There’s more. He is a huge fan of the cool superheroes in the Avengers movies. John fights daily overwhelming obstacles just to be an ordinary boy. That makes him an extraordinary hero.

John needs an adaptive tricycle to promote cardiovascular exercise and leg strengthening. The new trike will also allow him to have fun outdoors with friends and family. Please be a donor for John.