Meet Jorge A!



Meet 5-year-old Jorge. He was born premature with complications. He stayed in the hospital for several months when doctors diagnosed him with a form of epilepsy known as West syndrome. He also has cerebral palsy. The combination of illnesses cause him to endure hardships, such as seizures. Jorge stopped smiling after his first seizure, and it broke mom’s heart. He eventually began to smile again and mom shed joyful tears. Jorge is also cognitively equivalent to an infant. Furthermore, he does not have independent mobility or verbal skills. Jorge manages to be happy despite insurmountable sufferings.


Jorge has discovered simple ways to have fun. He is not able to focus on television, but certain sounds of shows make him laugh. He also listens to music, especially his favorite reggaeton. Jorge hears a great song and he wants mom to pick him up and dance. During bedtime, dad massages Jorge to make him feel more relaxed–mom gets a bit jealous that she does not get the same treatment! Mom and dad are the best part of Jorge’s life. They are instrumental for his happiness. The parents are blessed with a disabled child who beat the odds.


Jorge needs a vehicle lift for his wheelchair. The new equipment will make transportation safer and easier to maintain school and doctor’s appointments. His family would be grateful for your support!


Jorge and his family had their vehicle lift installed recently. Mom mentioned how different transporting Jorge was in just a couple of days. No more back pain for Dad!!! We are so happy to help one more family get thee equipment they need!