Meet Jorge!

jorgepic1Meet 7 year-old Jorge, who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Jorge has decreased strength and motor control and fatigues quickly when propelling a manual wheelchair.

Jorge is active in the Super Kids Classic. This is a group of disabled children racing soap box derby cars. They zoom down hills and feel exuberant as the wind rushes past their grinning faces. Jorge’s smile is the biggest as he becomes a blur and passes by the other kids! Sometimes Jorge’s hunger requires the need for speed and he zips to get his favorite sweet, Subway cookies. During the slow quiet days at home, Jorge plays the wacky and fun Mario Kart video game.

Jorge needs a power chair to achieve independence while at home and throughout school. He also grew out of his old chair and a new one will be more comfortable, efficient and faster allowing Jorge to keep up with his peers. Please help Jorge to continue his chase for happiness.