Meet Jude!



Meet Jude. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. He has many daily struggles as a result. Jude is cortically blind and nonverbal. He cannot walk without assistance. Jude also has chronic lung disease and each day he uses an oxygen machine. Furthermore, Jude endures frightening seizures. Doctors predicted that Jude would not survive beyond his first birthday. He is now three years old and an inspiration to all.


 Jude has strength enough to find his way towards happiness. He watches movies with fun music and vibrant colors. His favorite films include Moana and Trolls. His taste in music is very cool, too. For example, he beams whenever hearing songs by Johnny Cash. Jude also has a pet dog who warns his mom when he is about to have a seizure. Jude’s parents are very dedicated to ensuring their son’s happiness. They read to him a variety of his favorite books, including the Velveteen Rabbit. The mother and son team are very close. Jude is her biggest fan as she is a star competitor in roller derby sports. Most important of all, Jude works hard on his tricycle. Jude’s dedication to being healthy and beating the odds inspires his family. He made their world a better place.


Jude needs a wheelchair with tilting capabilities to improve his comfort. Please be his sponsor