Meet Kailyn!



Meet four-year-old Kailyn. She was born a healthy girl until she contracted meningitis. The result was cerebral palsy and paraplegia. Kailyn is cognitively similar to an infant. She cannot walk. She also lost most of her eyesight. Furthermore, Kailyn is nonverbal and she has a very limited diet caused from medications. She does her best to be a happy and active child even with her frustrating limitations.


Kailyn discovered simple pleasures. Kailyn cannot see the television. Instead, she listens to her favorite shows, especially Dora the Explorer. She kicks her feet and shakes her hands with excitement whenever the theme music begins playing. Kailyn bellows an infectious laugh at the funniest parts of the show. She also likes whenever mom reads to her the Three Little Pigs. Kailyn is a very determined girl, too. She visited her grandparent’s home. Kailyn kept trying to hug their pet dog. Finally, Kailyn managed to hold the animal in her arms; she smiled as if she just won the best-ever prize! Kailyn never gives up when she makes a goal. She never quits on happiness.


 Kailyn needs an adaptive tricycle to help her exercise and gain leg strength. Please be a generous donor for her soon!