Meet Kemuel!



Meet 5-year-old Kemuel. He was born a healthy boy until tragedy altered his future. Kemuel was 2 1/2 years old when he woke up one evening with a paralyzed arm and a high fever. The nightmare did not end there. He was taken to the hospital and shortly afterwards died in his mother’s arms. Miracles can happen though, and doctors  revived him back to life. He was eventually diagnosed with an illness that causes inflammation of the spinal cord. Kemuel is now paralyzed from the waist up. Kemuel also lost most of the strength in his legs. Furthermore, he has learned how to speak despite using a tracheostomy tube. He is a remarkable boy who bravely endures these and other obstacles.


Kemuel is determined to live without limitations. He plays with toy dinosaurs and uses his tablet for games and YouTube videos. These are simple activities for most people. Kemuel, however, performs all these tasks and more by using his feet. He also listens to music and dances by wiggling his toes. Kemuel’s perseverance is one of his many inspiring traits. For example, he is very loving. Kemuel never dwells on his own problems. Instead, he can see somebody in pain and tries to make them smile. Meet Kemuel and find another miracle. He is a paralyzed boy with the strength to make our world a better place.


Kemuel needs a Portable Ramp. The ramp will make transportation easier to keep doctor’s appointments and go on family outings. Please be his sponsor!