Meet Koda!



Meet four-year-old Koda, who was born with a twin brother.  Doctors discovered a twin transfusion complication while the mother was pregnant. The complication resulted in Koda developing cerebral palsy. He is not able to walk or stand without assistance. Koda remains determined to be happy and active despite his challenges.


Koda is A renaissance boy. He listens to CLASSIC Rock and hip hop, but his favorite group is The Beatles. He watches tv, especially Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, he really likes anything with martial arts. Koda is also a good student. He is advanced in his grade, and his favorite topic in school is art. He eagerly learns his letters, too. Koda does not just expand his mind, he also works hard to be healthy. He swims like a fish and exercises for several hours nearly every day. Furthermore, Koda has a great sense of humor; he will repeat the same joke if it makes people laugh again and again. Meet Koda and find a determined boy who can do anything.


Koda needs an adaptive tricycle to exercise and ride with his friends and family. Please be his sponsor!