Meet Kyden!


Meet 5-year-old Kyden.  He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy as an infant.  Kyden relies heavily on his adoptive parents for mobility and assistance with activities of daily living.  Kyden, however, is a very bright-eyed and sweet young man who adores his parents and is his father’s right-hand man.  Dad is a USMC veteran, and Kyden is very proud of this! Kyden’s mom and dad also adopted his siblings, so they could remain together as a happy family!

Kyden has overcome so much and continues to make progress with a positive attitude and outlook on life.  Kyden is a true patriot!  Any time he sees a service member, he immediately thanks them for their service, because he respects that his father is a veteran.  He loves Mountaineers football, and he enjoys playing with his friends.

Kyden needs a therapy tricycle that will allow him to increase strength in his legs and improve his coordination and balance, in the hopes that someday he will be able to walk.  The therapy tricycle would not only help him physically, but would also allow for more socialization and independence.  This is something that insurance will not cover, but would be necessary for Kyden’s physical and mental development.  Please be his sponsor!