Meet Linc!



Meet three-year-old Lincoln. He was diagnosed shortly after birth with Trisomy 9, a disorder that slows motor skills and creates developmental delays. He is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. Lincoln needs support to walk and stand. Beware, though. Once he grabs ahold of something sturdy, this boy is on the move! Lincoln does not let his limitations hold him back.


Lincoln, also known as Linc,  has a variety of interests to fit his level of energy. He does not sit long enough to enjoy a movie, but he does watch the hit tv show Cocomelon. He listens to all types of music, but he especially loves his mom’s band from church. Lincoln is not a fan of books—he just wonders why everybody is sitting still and doing nothing when there is so much fun to be had!  It is not surprising that Lincoln’s favorite activity is banging on drums. In fact, he bangs on anything to hear the sound it can create. He is also described as a curious explorer. He likes to find new things in his environment and learn how they work.  Clearly, this little boy has a not-so-little amount of energy. The illness Trisomy 9 does not prevent Lincoln from going to warp 10! Get ready to be inspired. Here he comes with a big smile!


Lincoln will be given a manual wheelchair at the upcoming Kimberly Knorr Celebrity Golf Tournament. The chair will provide this active boy with more independent mobility. Thank you to Ronnie Bryant for being an awesome donor and providing the equipment for Lincoln!