Lucas Best Pic

Meet 17-year-old Lucas, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia.  Lucas uses a power wheelchair for mobility.  Although faced with mobility challenges, Lucas does not let anything stop him from doing the things he loves, and he is a force to be reckoned with!

Lucas loves all things that have to do with sports. When asked about his favorite things his reply was, “Sports, sports, and more sports!” He especially enjoys watching football, and his favorite teams are the Florida Gators and the Chicago Bears.  When it comes to sports, Lucas is not just a spectator; Lucas is on the Special Olympics Swim Team and hopes to be on the Track & Field team soon.  Lucas needs a manual sports wheelchair, so that he can race in track.

Please help Lucas get his new wheelchair by donating now. Let’s help him get to the races!  Go, Lucas, Go!!