Lydia’s Story

Lydia Cooper pic

Meet 8 year-old Lydia. Lydia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Lydia is able to walk with assistance, however, she experiences muscle weakness and tires easily; keeping up with all of her favorite activities becomes challenging. Lydia’s trials are numerous, but her determination to have a great life is boundless. Her illness does not stop her from having fun and enjoying her childhood.

Lydia begins each day with a smile as vibrant as the morning sun. She looks forward to a variety of her favorite activities; she especially loves outdoor activities, including horseback riding and swimming. Lydia gets very tired after these exercises, and the day comes to a close.  When at home she prefers to watch her ideal cartoon, The Bubble Guppies. Sometimes a movie is in order, and her favorite is The Lion King. For story time, she usually requests to hear Yuni the Unicorn, which is currently her favorite book.

Lydia loves riding the adaptive bicycle at therapy, and wants one of her own to help improve her leg strength and overall stamina. The bike will be therapeutic and fun while playing with her siblings and friends. Help her soon!