Meet Madison!

photoMeet seven-year-old Madison. She has a myriad of trials including a rare chromosomal abnormality, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Madison’s stamina influences her independence. She becomes easily fatigued and this affects her ability to sit upright or maneuver a wheelchair. Tiredness, though, never stops her from continuing ahead.

Madison is very motivated to experience a full life. She loves going to the mall with her friends and family. She also is excited whenever there is an opportunity to see an indoor carnival. The thrilling rides and games capture her adventurous spirit. There is more to Madison. She is a member of Team Impact. This organization matches disabled children with local college athletic teams. The program creates unique bonds between players and children. Madison is paired with the Smith College women’s basketball team. Madison is their #1 fan, but she is the team’s greatest inspiration to never give-up in a game or in life.

Madison needs a light weight tilt n space wheelchair that will allow her to transfer in and out easily while providing her with the special support that is needed. Please be a sponsor so that she does not slow down!