Meet Marli!




Meet four-year-old Marli, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She endures numerous obstacles as a result of the diagnoses. She is nonverbal. Marile uses a g-tube for nourishment. She also cannot walk. The little girl, however, is happy despite her limitations.


Many things make Marli smile. Every day she learns something new by watching Sesame Street. Her favorite movies include Aladdin and Wildcrats. Marli also listens to children’s music, but it’s appropriate that her favorite artist is the reggae superstar Bob Marley (as they share the same name). On special occasions she and her family visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom—her must-go-on ride is the Carousel of Progress. Most of all, Marli loves playing with her brother. They can be silly and goofy, and at day’s end, a bit of silliness is Marli’s best medicine.


Marli needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. A trike is also a great way for Marli to have fun. Please be her sponsor!