Meet Mary!



Mary is a 14-year-old diagnosed with CHILD syndrome, a rare disease with only 60 cases reported currently worldwide.  This syndrome primarily affects girls and can cause shortened or deformed extremities, heart problems, and other serious issues.  This syndrome severely impairs Mary’s ability to walk independently, so she has to use a walker.   

Mary is a huge Marvel fan, loves singer Sean Mendez, and she enjoys swimming at the YMCA.  Mom says that Mary is very outspoken and opinionated, and she is very quick to invoke her “First Amendment rights of free speech” if mom disagrees with her on anything.  Mary is tenacious and has a fabulous sense of humor.  

Mary’s physical therapist recommended that she have an adaptive trike to give her extra therapy at home, especially during COVID-19, which has limited therapy visits.  Having an adaptive trike will not only help her with regard to increasing her leg strength and cardiovascular activity, but she will also be able to spend more time outside and enjoying a bike ride with her family.  Please be her sponsor!