Meet Mary!



Meet 14-year-old Mary. She was diagnosed with a rare illness known as CHILD syndrome. The condition has affected only 60 people worldwide and causes heart problems and abnormalities of arms and legs. She also can walk only inside her home. The rare illness, however, makes her stronger.

Mary is a strong-willed girl who likes many fun pastimes. She is a huge fan of the Marvel films. She listens to music by Sean Mendez. Mary attends school and her favorite topic is history. She also likes spending afternoons in the swimming pool at her local YMCA—she feels great in the weightless sensation of the water. Most importantly, Mary has an awesome personality. Mary is described as tenacious. Mary likes to invoke her rights of free speech whenever she gets into a disagreement with her mom. Mary lives life to the fullest, and she ignores people who stare because of her disability. These individuals, however, don’t see that Mary is an amazing girl, and beautiful just the way she is created.

Mary needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her overall health, strength, and stamina.  Please be her sponsor!