Meet Mason!


Meet five-year-old Mason. Sadly, his birth had tragic circumstances and as a result he suffered from oxygen deprivation that affected his life. He experienced a variety of side effects, including a failure to meet important milestones. A year later, Mason was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and microcephaly. The combination of illnesses has created many challenges for the little boy. He is cognitively delayed and mostly nonverbal. He also uses a gait trainer to walk. Mason continues to move ahead despite his obstacles.

Mason determinedly has a fun childhood. He likes action-packed movies, and his favorite is Disney’s Onward. He listens to upbeat music that inspires him to clap to the rhythm. He attends preschool and his favorite part of the day is playing outside with his friends during recess. Mason just likes doing anything. It all makes him smile. He will also let it known how he feels and what he wants at any moment. He argues, using his cuteness, to get his way, too. This is okay, because the little boy with big opinions has an even bigger heart—the evidence is in his never-fading smile. Meet Mason. He turned a moment of tragedy into a lifetime of triumph.

Mason needs a medical stroller to provide better support and comfort during outdoor activities. Please be his sponsor!