Meet Miller!


Miller D Pic 1

Miller is the youngest ladies magnet ever! This two-year-old has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II, a disease that will progressively inhibit his abilities over time. Specifically, SMA causes general muscle wasting, weakness, and impairment of his mobility. Currently, Miller is doing everything possible to enjoy his childhood. One of his favorite activities is listening to interactive music. He is delighted with making the signs and motions for the songs “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and “Wheels on the Bus.” Furthermore, he loves spending quality time with friends and family by taking walks in the park and having summertime fun in a swimming pool.  Miller is also a tough ‘n’ tumble football fan who cannot wait to watch the Georgia Bulldogs! Go get ’em dawgs! Miller has many adorable features, including a fantastic sense of humor and long eyelashes. He has quickly learned how to flirt his way into the hearts of those around him. Watch out girls, this tiny-tot full of fun and confidence will make you fall in love!

Miller needs a lightweight manual wheelchair so that he can be mobile. Although Miller has never walked, he is an active young boy who seeks independence. Miller’s strength will deteriorate over time but the more he is able to utilize his muscles now, the longer he can maintain his strength. The wheelchair will not only give Miller greater independence but will also allow him to enjoy more outings, especially those exhilarating walks with family. Will you please help?