Meet Morgan!



Meet 17-year-old Morgan. She suffered from a brain injury at birth, which eventually caused her to have cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She endured many surgeries and challenges. Morgan is cognitively impaired and nonverbal. She depends on her family greatly. But she always remains happy despite her difficult circumstances.


Morgan needs little to be happy. She listens to top 40 songs and old-school music. She likes hearing her mom read stories from the internet. Morgan has fun playing with her two dogs and a kitty. The little girl’s most favorite activity, however, is swimming. She takes every opportunity possible to splash and play in a pool. Her most unique interest is a fascination with blue flip-flops—she could spend all day toying with these shoes. Morgan is outgoing, too. She is giggly and makes everybody laugh. Meet Morgan. She is a child with an immeasurable spirit.


Morgan needs a bathroom modification for easier and safer access. Please be her sponsor!