Meet Nephi!


Nephi A2

This courageous 2-year-old boy has numerous medical conditions that make daily life a daunting mission.  Nephi has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Chiari Malformation and Anoxic Brain injury.  As a result, he cannot walk and is mostly homebound. Furthermore, Nephi is unable to talk or interact verbally with others, but this does not stop Nephi from having a special connection to his beloved mom. 

Although Nephi suffers through laundry-list-of-hardships, the one thing that always brings a twinkle to his weary eyes is Mickey Mouse. Nephi adores the big-eared and squeaky-voiced icon of all ages.  Nephi collects Mickey toys and loves all of the endearing character’s cartoons and movies.  Thus, it is his dream, like millions of other kids and adults, to embark on a Disney cruise.  The magical ship, however, is not nearly as grand as Nephi’s unsinkable heart.

Nephi is currently homebound and his family needs a carrier for their vehicle. This equipment will allow him to attend fun family outings and explore outside of their home.  Someday, he might even visit a talking mouse on a floating magical kingdom.