Meet Nevaeh!



Meet 5 year-old Nevaeh. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and congenital heart disease. She is unable to walk and her verbal communication is limited to only a few words. However, she speaks in other important ways.

Nevaeh enjoys watching television, especially cartoons. Her favorite is “Caillou”. She has a huge crush on this animated character who uses his vivid imagination to explore the world. Turn Caillou on the TV, and Nevaeh will has a smile that could illuminate the night. Cartoons, although fun, are also intangible. Nevaeh likes to interact with people, but most of all with her BEST FRIEND AND twin brother Jordan. Nevaeh’s affection for Jordan is evidenced as she sees him through sparkling eyes which say, “I love you, forever.”

Nevaeh needs a manual wheelchair so that she can attend school and ride the school bus and to promote exercise and independence for the outgoing girl. Please be a sponsor soon!