Meet Nicolas!



For some children, life is truly unfair. 18 month-old Nicolas is sadly diagnosed with Hypotonia, Lissencephaly, Microcephaly, Seizure Disorder, and Developmental Delay. His cognitive level is that of a 3 month old. He used to follow objects with his eyes and smile and laugh until March 2015 when he started having seizures. On top of that in April 2015 he lost his ability to swallow and is now on a g-tube.  He has declined since these episodes.

The saddest of stories usually have the unwavering hero. His mom and grandma dedicate their lives to the dependent boy. Each day they are there for Nicolas, ensuring that all of his needs are fulfilled. Their job is continuous, but mom and grandma don’t ask for any rewards.
These are the heroes whose story transforms a tragedy into a tale of inspiration.

Nicolas needs a special tilt-in-space seating system designed for his
posture. He cannot hold his head and his torso in an upright position.
The seat will give him complete support while being more comfortable.
Please be another hero, not just for Nicolas, but for his family and
become a sponsor.