Meet Owen!

Meet 13-year-old Owen. This young boy was in a tragic car accident when he was three years old. He suffered from a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed from the chest down. Sadly, he is completely dependent on his family for daily living skills. Owen has been brave and cheerful despite his difficult circumstance.


Owen enjoys a variety of pastimes. He watches cooking shows such as Chopped and Top Chef. He is an out-of-this-world fan of Star Wars and Marvels films. He listens to music by the groups Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons. Owen also is a hard-working student who is highly intelligent; he uses honed analytical skills to excel at science. He has two pet dogs and the three of them are cuddle buddies. Most of all, Owen has an infectious sense of humor. His silliness and laughter often inspire other people to join him in the moment. This boy is clearly courageous. His name has several meanings depending on the culture. One, however, stands out. In Celtic, Owen defines young fighter. Our Owen lives up to that name with perfection.


Owen needs a specialized seating system for the car to provide proper postural support, comfort, and safety. Please be his sponsor soon!