Meet Ramiro!



Meet eight-year-old Ramiro. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, resulting in many challenges. Ramiro uses assistive devices to help him walk. He has an oxygen tube to aid his breathing. The machine scared him in the beginning,  and he pulled out the tube. He damaged his vocal chords and now he has  trouble talking. Furthermore, Ramiro is cognitively underdeveloped. This boy remains strong despite the hardships.


Ramiro is best described as a very cool kid. He listens to music, and he sings his favorite songs with an artist’s  passion!. Ramiro is also not a big eater, but take him to McDonald’s and he will scarf down a whole meal. His favorite activity, however, is playing ball. He does not always catch or throw a ball with accuracy, but he still gets excited with each attempt. Most importantly, Ramiro adores his little sister. He protects and guards her like a brave warrior. Nothing stops him from being a big brother, not even a debilitating illness. Ramiro is her hero.


Ramiro needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. He will also have fun on the trike. Please be a sponsor for Ramiro!



Ramiro got his new trike! Dad was so excited to finally see his son on a tricycle. “We would never be able to afford it on our own” he said. We are happy to help give the gift of mobility!