Meet Roxana!



Meet 13-year-old Roxana, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has numerous obstacles, including being nonverbal. However, THIS BRIGHT GIRL uses text messaging to communicate her feelings.  She is also unable to sit upright without support. Roxana currently does not have independent movement, but she can scoot on the floor. These trials do not hinder Roxana from being awesome.


Roxana is a very cool girl with various interests. She listens to her favorite performing artist, Zendaya. She also attends school and is the best student in her math class. Roxana works hard because she is a perfectionist. Roxana wants everything done right and she will politely tell mom how to fix a mistake. Most of all, Roxana can be described as a fashionista. She simply loves clothes, and more clothes. She watches fashion shows and other related topics on YouTube. In fact, the ambitious girl aspires to be a model. And no doubt that Roxana is adorable. Nothing however, surpasses her inner beauty. Roxana never lets limitations define her life.


Roxana needs a manual wheelchair with extra support so she can have more independence. Please be her sponsor!