Meet Ruben!

rubenMeet 19 year-old Ruben. This young man was once very active and carefree. Unfortunately in 2014, he experienced a swimming accident which resulted in paralysis. Ruben lost his ability to walk and do many other activities that he once enjoyed. However, he perseveres, with a positive attitude and a youthful determination.

Ruben is an all-American teenager. He listens to country music, and his all-time favorite is the heart-felt stylings of Billy Carrington. Ruben is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants and every homerun motivates him to cheer nearly as loud as a stadium crowd. The film which inspires Ruben is Act of Valor. The movie is about a group of Navy Seals embarking on dangerous missions to protect America. Bravery and valor are often found in simpler ways, however, such as illustrated by a young man named Ruben who is victorious over an unrelenting enemy of disability.

Ruben needs modifications for his manual wheelchair, which will improve his posture and comfort. With the upgrades, the wheelchair will be easier and safer for Ruben to maneuver, allowing him to get out in the community with ease. Please be a sponsor soon!