Meet Sabrina!


Meet 10-year-old Sabrina. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the illness has given the little girl many difficult obstacles. She is nonverbal and cognitively equivalent to a 9-month-old infant. She is also dependent on her family for everyday living skills. Sabrina, however, finds her own way through a challenging life.

Sabrina enjoys a variety of simple but fun activities. She is a mega-fan of Spongebob. In fact, she could watch the hit cartoon from sunrise to sunrise. She listens to upbeat hip hop dance music. She also enjoys going to school and seeing her friends. Sabrina and her family spend time bonding over Gator football games. She cheers along with her family whenever the Gators score a touchdown. Clearly, Sabrina’s complicated illness is minimized by simple interests that make the disabled girl smile.

Sabrina needs an adaptive stroller for more comfortable and easier transportation. Please be her sponsor!