Meet Sage!




Meet 17-year-old Sage. The young girl had a carefree life until she was in a car accident and suffered from a traumatic brain injury that caused cerebral palsy. Sage is nonverbal, although her parents understand how the girl communicates. She is cognitively challenged and dependent on everyday tasks. Sage is incredibly joyful even after her life-changing injury.    


Sage is happiness defined. She loves cuddling with her stuffed animals that fill her room like the cutest petting zoo. Sage laughs uncontrollably when the girl’s two dogs lick her grinning face. She gets excited watching her dad race and perform stunts in Motocross sports. In fact, Sage rarely stops smiling or laughing. She is our warm ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.


Sage needs her bathroom remodeled. The modifications will make her life easier and safer. Please be her sponsor!